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Faux News W/Frank Luntz FRAUD EXPOSED (Video)

Posted by jeremiasx on January 7, 2008

I found this over on Digg posted by “VoteRonPaul” a bit ago…they (FOX NEWS) are SO BUSTED. Watch it! Sorry for all the tags…but hey…I want maximum exposure and PLEASE REPOST this FAR AND WIDE. OH YEA, DROP FOX NEWS FROM YOUR CABLE SERVICE…it’s time they pay for this masquerade as a “fair and balanced” news program. I hear their stock is dropping anyhow. Might as well throw some well-deserved salt on an open wound while we’re at it, right?


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Ed Brown IRS Standoff Benefit Concert (Video)

Posted by jeremiasx on July 24, 2007

(Background: Ed Brown is currently involved in a months long standoff with US Marshals after being convicted and sentenced in absentia to income tax evasion…he has holed up on his property with armed supporters and he/they refuse to be arrested. His situation has drawn national interest and a wide range of supporters from all over the world.)

You just KNOW that it pisses the feds off to no end that not only is there a “fugitive from justice” hanging out happily at his home in Plainfield, New Hampshire, but that he is in good company with hundreds of supporters hanging out, grooving to resistance music by Pokerface, and mocking the DHS chopper as it hovers overhead…

Much thanks to Mark Yannone and his blog for keeping on top of the situation…

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Ron Paul: Ed and Elaine Brown Are Heroes

Posted by jeremiasx on June 25, 2007

His very words…good interview and as always I’m impressed with the depth and candor of Ron’s responses. He’s too real for the mainstream.

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Commentary: Ed Brown Press Conference

Posted by jeremiasx on June 18, 2007

The standoff in Plainfield, New Hampshire between multiple law enforcement agencies and Ed Brown has stretched out for several weeks now. The story which has been widely unseen by the majority of Americans but could possibly shift into the mainstream media focus after today’s scheduled press conference with the Browns at their residence.

During the press conference Ed tended to ramble and drift time and time again to the whole Masonic conspiracy lunacy, which is always a turnoff personally because I know personally that it’s 100% bullshit and a red herring which is used to confuse conspiracy kooks and distract them from the real bad guys. Thankfully his wife seemed much more composed and other supporters had more substantive offerings for the media, Randy Weaver in particular, who brought the human element of the story to the forefront with his recounting the needless death of his family members at the hands of overzealous government agents.

Many of you probably at least distantly remember the story of Randy Weaver, the man whose wife, son, and dog were shot in a standoff up in Ruby Ridge, Idaho some years back. I recall hearing many different opinions at the time in consideration of whether appropriate force was used in that situation. I seem to also recall being gripped by the chilling callousness of those who believed that the authorities were de facto justified of using any means possible to apprehend Mr. Weaver regardless of any other circumstances. The fact that an FBI sniper shot his wife in the face while holding her child was enough to clench it for me. The government obviously overstepped all boundaries of ethics, morality, and reason when they did that. So…Randy Weaver has joined the Browns, understandably, to try to prevent a repeat of the same level of violence that happened to his own family.

The question that Ed Brown has posed to the government is a simple one…”show me the inherent law requiring me to pay income tax on my wages” but the arguments on both sides are complex and convincing. The Constitution originally prohibited any direct tax which was not equally apportioned between the states, yet the 16th Amendment grants the power to tax income, from whatever source derived. Some who are against the tax argue that the definition of terms is too vague, especially when considering whether a person’s labor wages can be technically construed as income as opposed to the traditional consideration of income as gain or profit, and if so, how exactly defined or measured? The IRS counters with thousands of pages of annotated code, a virtual mountain of indexes, appendices, and mind numbing vagary which was written after the amendment passed and has been developed over the last century, largely without input from the people who are affected by the tax code.

Ed and his supporters believe that on a basic level that they, and all Americans, are victims of a racketeering and extortion scheme which is run at the behest of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is but one arm of the many headed International Banks, all of which are privately owned (by Freemasons by Ed’s reckoning) and are run for profit at the expense of the American taxpayers. That’s really not that difficult to believe, if you break down the system to a very simplistic one in which:

The federal government needs money to support itself, and therefore borrows money from a private bank, the Federal Reserve, which is not federal in any fashion and has no known reserves to speak of and if they do…they ain’t sayin. That much is fact, the next is conjecture.

  1. The Federal Reserve is an arm of the International Bankers, who have a tendency to wage wars upon those who don’t allow them to control the money supply. For further research, look up the history of the Rothschilds and the War of 1812.
  2. Being indebted to the Federal Reserve and somehow unable to make it off of the numerous other use taxes and indirect taxes and unable to reign in its spending to the level of self-sufficiency, the government decided to put the question before the impoverished and uneducated masses of the early 1900s…the birth of the 16th amendment. There was no sunset clause and to this day we are taxed upon our labor and every other gain or fortune we typically encounter in life. Those of us born since that time have had no say in the matter, and any effort to question its basic Constitutionality has been suppressed by the IRS to the extent of imposing additional legal penalties if you try to “outsmart them in court.”
  3. The government believes strongly enough to kill to prove they are right. So does Ed Brown.

Yes, Ed Brown and his supporters are perfectly willing to kill or die in the defense of their ideals, however crazy they might seem to the rest of us who are far happier apparently for quietly allowing and assisting the government in picking our pockets by nearly a third of every dollar earned to pay off a debt to a foreign controlled central bank to pay for all the WONDERFUL things that the government supposedly needs our money for.

The one thing that stands out to me is that in the usual enforcement of laws and court edicts, such as the one to incarcerate Ed Brown, there is not usually an overly dramatic pause for the media to carry the story before going in, unless the “Cops” crew is embedded. In three cases I can think of right off hand, they have waited for the nation to take interest before acting…Ruby Ridge, Waco, and now Ed Brown. It makes me wonder if sometimes the government doesn’t LIKE to look like the bad guy just to keep the little people trembling. Scared yet?


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