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Faux News W/Frank Luntz FRAUD EXPOSED (Video)

Posted by jeremiasx on January 7, 2008

I found this over on Digg posted by “VoteRonPaul” a bit ago…they (FOX NEWS) are SO BUSTED. Watch it! Sorry for all the tags…but hey…I want maximum exposure and PLEASE REPOST this FAR AND WIDE. OH YEA, DROP FOX NEWS FROM YOUR CABLE SERVICE…it’s time they pay for this masquerade as a “fair and balanced” news program. I hear their stock is dropping anyhow. Might as well throw some well-deserved salt on an open wound while we’re at it, right?


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Turkey Attacks Iraq: No One Noticed?

Posted by jeremiasx on July 21, 2007

   Are we all just too busy to have noticed this or has the MSM ONCE AGAIN dropped the ball? WTF? One might THINK this would be important considering our troops are FAIRLY close to this and aren’t we supposed to be protecting the people of Iraq or are we ONLY there now to make Chimpy look bad so the Dems can win in 08? It’s all too insane for me sometimes.

Turkey bombards northern Iraq
Thu, 19 Jul 2007 02:08:25
Press TV and agencies

Turkish military has launched a cross-border incursion into Iraq.

Turkey’s military has waged a cross-border incursion into Iraq, bombarding northern areas of the country, the Iraqi government said.

The Iraqi government said Wednesday that Turkish artillery and warplanes bombarded areas of northern Iraq and urged Turkey to stop military operations and resort to dialogue, according to news agencies.

The claim occurred amid mounting Turkish threats to strike bases of the Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK, which has been launching attacks against targets in Turkey from sanctuaries in Iraq.

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh has told that the bombardment struck areas of the northern province of Dahuk, some 430 kilometers (260 miles) northwest of Baghdad.

Col. Hussein Kamal said about 250 shells were fired into Iraq from Turkey. He added that there were no casualties on the Iraqi side of the border.

“We have received reports that the Turkish government and the Turkish army have bombed border villages. The Iraqi government regrets the Turkish military operations against border cities and towns,” al-Dabbagh said.

Last week, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari declared that Turkey had deployed 140,000 soldiers along its border with Iraq.

Kurdish rebels staged a bomb attack against a military vehicle, killing two Turkish soldiers and wounding six others near the Iraqi border on Wednesday.

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